Full Stack Development

Ideally, I would be really, really good at one thing. Then I would move on to the next thing, and become really, really good at that. The reality is that I've learned a lot... about a lot of things. I don't identify myself as a ninja, and actually I'm actually more of a janitor. I like clean, simple work. I love function and style, not either/or.

Here's a list of some things I've learned about in web technology:

  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript and several of its libraries (jQuery, Angular, React, etc.)
  • PHP and LAMP Stack
  • Python (and Django)
  • CMS (so many)
  • Databases and SQL (MS Access, MySQL)
  • Data Analysis (SAS)
  • Cisco Networking Technologies
  • Microsoft and Linux Server
  • Linux, Mac OS and Windows OS
  • Command line and modules
  • Docker and git
  • Teamwork software (Jira, Spiceworks, Teamwork, BaseCamp
  • eCommerce solutions (WooCommerce and Magento)

View my Resume.

Check out my Github repositories.

Here are a few examples of some apps I deployed for demonstration...

Geocode App
A Django Blog

Here are a few websites I've built for customers...

Morning Light Kombucha
Backyard Produce
The Loft Salon
Spiess Custom Homes